Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Essential Mikael Kennedy Polaroids

"In 2001, Mikael Kennedy began an odyssey, crisscrossing the continent and taking a series of Polaroid photographs that became the Passport to Trespass project. After a decade, this epic project is now coming to a terminus. Polaroid film is going extinct, and while efforts have been made to revive the process, pictures made with the old, sometimes long-expired, Polaroid film have a quality that The Impossible Project will never exactly duplicate.

Over the ensuing years, Kennedy's Polaroid photographs have been published in eleven monographs, culminating with Passport to Trespass, Volumes VIII & IX, which have just come out as a limited edition boxed set, covering the work he made from 2009-2011. Kennedy's Polaroids have also been exhibited from coast to coast, including an exhibition in 2010 of 500 images at the infamous Chelsea Hotel in New York. Kennedy's photographs are in numerous private collections as well as the permanent collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, in Houston.

All of the Polaroids that have been published as part of the Passport to Trespass project have been archived online, and now it is time to archive the prints themselves. Polaroids, are by their nature, a fugitive process, so it's fitting that the conclusion of this project also marks an end to their life on our website. We are retiring almost all of the Polaroid photographs that comprised Kennedy's Shoot the Moon exhibition, as well as those in the Hunt Them Out, and Saltwater River Guard series. For a limited time, we will keep a selection of 50 images online that we regard as our favourites, the essential Mikael Kennedy Passport to Trespass edit. All of the other prints will go into deep storage. A number of these 50 Polaroids are still available for purchase until 5 January, at which point we will close out the entire project.

Mikael Kennedy walked, drove, hitchhiked, sold his blood, even stole, to make these pictures. The plan was to have no plan, to "shoot the moon." Now the journey is over, and this is the last chance, for a long while, to look back and see where Kennedy went, who he met along the way, and what it all meant."     -Peter Hay Halpert

On January 5, 2012 Peter Hay Halpert Fine Art, NY will retire ALL Polaroids from the Shoot the Moon, Salt Water River Guard, and Hunt them Out series. For a limited time only 50 of the essential Polaroids from these collections will be available on 

Please take a moment to view the work one last time. 

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